What would you do if a great domain name fell into your lap? You'd probably hmm and haw about the best possible way to use it for great glory on the internetz!

This is how it happened for me, I happened to come across this domain when searching through expired domains one day. I knew I had to have it, the only question was what could I use it for?

After many nights of pondering what to do with such a great domain name over some noob pwning, I finally struck inspiration. That's when the first attempt at putting up some content happened.

I struggled with the code, hours spent designing, more hours poured into coding but finally my work paid off with the first roll-out of my new site!

For those too young to remember or maybe just not saavy enough to ever have found this domain, originally this site consisted of one page which proclaimed in bold letters "Yup."

I thought I'd struck gold, "how could such gripping prose not bring in the masses?" I thought to myself, but day after day I watched as no one came.

It was a cold and blustery night when I was pwned hardcore in some game, aghast I ripped off my headphones and ragequit in fury and realized that it was eerily silent, so silent in fact that my mind began to wander.

I didn't know it at the time, but this was the start of the second coming of this site.

In my brain the great FSM had placed a new idea, "build it and they will come" it said and so I started upon my gargantuan task. This time I threw design to the side, "I'm a cowboy, let me code like one" I said in a raspy voice and lit up a cigarrette.

My day job kept me distracted for large parts of the day so this new build took much longer than I had expected but I got it completed (well mostly) and released my new behemoth upon the nets.

This new creation of mine allowed people to add text to images in a funny or motivational manner, I thought it was great and I believed what FSM had told me "build it and they will come"


It wasn't long before I got an email from my webhost, a notice that traffic on my site had spiked to such an extent that they needed to shut 'er down for a time.

With a smug grin upon my face I tossed open the analytics, but what's this? There was barely any traffic, what on earth could have caused the spike my host warns me of?

To clear my head I begin to pwn noobs in a most serious manner. Leaving digital corpses in my trail I capture flags and melee my lame opponents. It was one of these flag captures where a though bubbles into my head... "what if my code sucks?"

I lie to the other players and tell them "gg" and get the hell out of there. My first order of business, double-check my code - there's a weird hook I did into wordpress that is itching me the wrong way. I pop open an editor say "fuck it, I'll do it live" and open the file right on the production environment, add a couple slashes to the hooked code, save it, and pray.

Behold, I was right! I'd created a bad hook causing a loop of infinite repititions. Embarrassed I close out of the editor and don't look back.

Time passes

After much time I remember my awesome domain and wonder how much traffic it has garnered. I open analytics only to be dissappointed with the paltry number of hits. "FSM you promised me traffic" I cried to the nothingness around me but alas I received no reply.

Feeling foresaken, I ignore and eventually forget about the domain.

Rebirth (again)

It was early in the morning when I popped onto the nets to see what news had happened over the last several hours when I stumbled upon a link to a youtube video of great troll powers and a new idea came to me but I thought "Nah, forget it, yo homes to Bel-air!"

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